✓ CRA Account Registration & Setup   

✓ QuickBooks Online Software Setup
✓ Regular Bookkeeping & Payroll Tasks
✓ WSIB, EHT, HST & CRA Program Management

✓ Financial Statements & Cost-Effective Measures
✓ Corporate Year-End Preparation

✓ Guidance To Make The Most Of Your $$$$

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What we do in a nutshell...

Our Process

1. Book a Consult

2. Get a Quote

3. Get Setup 

4. Get Back To Business

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OBS is here for you, whether that means taking on the bookkeeping completely, partially with your team, or on a consultancy basis.
During our consultation, we do our best to understand your needs in order to provide you with a flat-rate quote that will cover your bookkeeping bases, including consultation and service time because we want to be there to help solve challenges and finding methods to streamline your processes.
It is not just about putting numbers into a system but rather understanding those numbers and how they can help you make financial decisions, cash flow projections and solid plans for growth.
By using subscription-based flat-rates pricing, our costs are fixed, expected, consistent and best of all? No surprise bills at the end of the month!
With the great advancement with technology, software and applications we are able to serve clients 100% virtually. We receive documents and receipts instantly - keeping your books up-to-date so you always have an accurate overview of your numbers. 
If you're ready to make sense of your numbers and offload your bookkeeping to a team of professionals, book your consultation and let's chat about how OBS can help you!

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