HR & Virtual Admin Solutions


Do you need administrative work done? 

Would you like a professional and experienced HR & Admin personnel but do not have the capacity for a full time employee? 

Only need assistance at different volumes at difference times but want full customization to how, when and what is done? 

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An HR & Admin personnel is a team player who just happens to be remote. With the growing pace of businesses and the advancement in technology having a part-time, full-time, or task based assistant will become your greatest asset. Whether you are just starting a business or a mature corporation having access to a great team without the commitment of a full time assistant while not compromising on quality is exactly why this service exists. 

You only pay for the tasks and time that you want; no more idling employee time and trying to fill it with on the spot tasks. We realized introducing a new service can be a new challenge, from which tasks to assign, frequency, flow and ensuring your business mission statement stands true as we represent you as well. These principles and practices are important to us and fully customized packages are created on a per-client bases to fulfill your requests, tasks and more. We work together continually and modify the package as your grow, mature, expand and tasks evolve. 

Services, not limited to, but include:

                           Account Receivable/Accounts Payable follow-up and submission of invoices and                                                   statements

                           Market Research and competitor analysis

                           Worksheets; excel, word, power-point 

                            Employee Contracts & general business agreements

                            Follow-up with new networking contacts, leads and send out thank you notes and more 

                            to current, prospective and past clients/associates

                            Client relation and communication on your behalf upon developing a model of principles                              and practices that best suit your business and


                           Schedule and enter appointments, meetings and travel on a mutual share google                                               calendar

                           Light social media and PR relations



Pricing & Packages

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