✓ CRA Account Registration & Setup   

✓ QuickBooks Online Software Setup
✓ Regular Bookkeeping & Payroll Tasks
✓ WSIB, EHT, HST & CRA program account

filing and payments
✓ Financial Statements & Cost Effective Measures
✓ Corporate year-end preparation

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What we do in a nutshell...
We work with clients by offering a customized service that meets their business' needs. Whether that is taking on the bookkeeping completely, partially with your team or just regular reviews. 
After getting to know the company, client and their team we are able to provide a quote that is a standardized flat-rate to cover all their needs. We include customer service in all our packages because we want to be there to help solve challenges and finding methods to streamline processes. 
It is not just about putting numbers into a system but understanding those numbers and how they can help clients make financial decisions, cash flow projections which in turn helps clients succeed. 
We love working together as a team and enjoy providing assistance to our clients. 
After a customized quote is develop we are able to start working right away for our client. We design our pricing model as a subscription model so our cost are fixed, expected, regular and most of all - no surprises !
With the great advancement with technology, software and applications we are able to serve clients virtually and receive documents instantly - making your books that much more up to date. 
We will work with the client to review which applications suit your needs and integrate them to prevent duplicate data, errors. Ensuring you are getting accurate data without manually transferring data but rather a smooth system to grow with.