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The purpose of this website is for two reasons. The first is to provide information that I believe to be accurate and truthful to assist other bookkeepers and business owners as an outlet for information they can use. The second is to promote my our services as a bookkeeper and to retain clients. If you find an error or mistake please let us know, we always welcome comments and feedback to help ensure this website is the best it can be. Also, note I am NOT a certified accountant (ie.CPA) and do not offer any review or audit services at all.

Please note that the information here is NOT advice and you should still consult with your accountants and/or legal team. Users of information provided on this website are responsible for the consequences and results of their own actions. Do not, again, act on this information without speaking to your legal team.

We are located in Canada and more specifically in Ottawa. We focus my blog and business on Canadian laws and regulations with further more emphasis on Ontario as that is where we are located as well as majority, if not all, my clients. A vast majority of information here is relevant more to those located in Ontario. However again note that the information is general and not case by case and may not fit your exact situation.

This website is operated by Ottawa Bookkeeping Solutions. By using this website, you understand that Ottawa Bookkeeping Solutions assumes no liability or responsibility for the accuracy or your use of the contents or any links provided.

The only information that is collected from my site would be if you entered your email address to receive alerts in regards to new blog posts/information. I try my best to comply with Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada)

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