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What We Do

We complete and customized your package according to your needs

✓ Incorporation   

✓ CRA Account Registration & Setup   

✓ Accounting Software Setup
✓ Regular Bookkeeping Tasks
✓ WSIB, EHT & CRA program account filing and payments
✓ Financial Statements & Cost Effective Measures
✓ Corporate year-end preparation

Top Reasons To Outsource

1. Save Money

For fractions of the cost of having a full time in house employee, your business can benefit from someone who has great knowledge,  experience and networks of information and tools of the trade such as most up to date software packages. Your business will also save on employee contributions, benefits, vacation pay, and bonuses that a full time employee will require. You pay only for the bookkeeping time and that is it.

2. Save Time

 If the backend work of bookkeeping is causing you to lose focus on your business while adding stress and frustration then maybe it is time to outsource your bookkeeping. You can get back to running your company and spending your time and energy on growth, profits and company productivity. Your bookkeeping would be in the hands of OBS, which will focus solely bookkeeping and your success.

3. Internal Control

 An external bookkeeper can act as a third party watchdog that can monitor and prevent possible profit losses and shrinkage. OBS can help provide you with a piece of mind that a third party advisor screens all incoming and outgoing transactions.

4. Be Prepared

Your books will be accurate, done correctly and prepared on time to meet the deadlines for payroll, HST/GST, payroll remittances, EHT, WSIB and for your year-end accountant to have ample time to file corporate taxes.
With OBS you have a team on your side that is prepared and ready to work.

5. Up To Date Reports

 We start working on your file as soon as we get the latest paperwork and with multiple cloud applications you can see the reports and sales in real time from anywhere with an internet connection. You will know that the numbers are accurate, done efficiently and in a timely manner letting you make real time decisions for your business.

How your cloud Bookkeeping Firm helps your business


An application like Intuit QuickBooks Online can help in automating most of the accounting functions such as invoicing, payroll and accounts that are payable and receivable. Cloud software have the functionality of uploading business expenses, inventories and sales transactions data automatically to the cloud. These help to save costs, time and mitigates the mistakes by manual clerical officers.
With these features, companies can now manage their finances from anywhere which improves their remote work abilities as well as give them the opportunity to send their document for auditing without having any physical contact. It allows for faster results and access to live numbers.


With the introduction of human resource equipment like Hubdoc that are Cloud-based, human resource departments are now more efficient than the traditional human resource division that were dependent on entering data manually. This has eliminated the cost of hiring human resource officers and have saved money and other resources for small businesses.
Functions of cloud-based human resource software include; tracking time sheets, calculating payroll taxes, simplifying processes such as on boarding of new employees, and scheduling events like sick leave. All these have reduced paper works. It has also been discovered that they can perform duties like talent management.


Choosing cloud means scaling up business quickly. It changes business structure and how it function.
When there are large sales or a surge in company’s data base, cloud providers can expand the servers and offer a bigger bandwidth to take care of the needed space. It does not only have expansion ability; you can easily move to use less bandwidth if there is need to use less as well. Therefore, cloud offers the flexibility to engage and enables you to pay for only the used space which minimized costs.
Choosing the right cloud partner and company for cloud computing is very pertinent in achieving efficiency and boost. Simply do a thorough business assessment to find out where there is ineffectiveness and inefficiency in your workflow.


Another advantage of cloud technology is increased productivity. You don’t have to be in office to work on your numbers. With the use of the cloud, you can access the business software with your co-workers from anywhere at any time.
Though you need an internet connection to work on the cloud, many platforms have offline modes. This means you can do the work offline and any changes you make will sync up once you connect to the internet again. Invariably, using cloud can be translated to having a mobile office. All credit to the improvement in technology and companies that offer cloud accounting services.